River Rentals

River Gear Rentals

Whatever you need to keep you comfortable on your trip is included in the price. Our gear is also available for those who want to go Up The Creek without a guide! PFD’s (lifejackets), wetsuits, river shoes, helmets, everything is rentable for your own private adventure. Rafts, kayaks, and even tubes are eagerly awaiting your rear end! We’ll supply you with all you need for your lazy river day! All prices marked are per day.

Pick up your daily rental in the Sunlight Ski and Bike Shop!
309 9th Street, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

No Reservations
for daily rentals.
All Rentals are
first come first serve.

One block from the Visitor Center!

2 Person Kayak


1 Person Kayak


River Tube


14ft Raft






River Shoes


Day Cooler

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